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Janaksons Group

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Janaksons Group is into a number of activities such as Distribution of YKK Zippers, Finishing and Garmenting Machinery, Marketing and Servicing of Knitting, and Waste Water Management.


To recover FBK and Tally ERP9 files with integrity.


Approached Stellar Data Recovery – Gurugram for safe and secure RAID Recovery.


Failed RAID 5 server was fixed successfully.
Recovered all necessary data saved as FBK and Tally ERP9 files.

Stellar Data Recovery – Gurugram assists Janaksons Group in Raid 5 recovery


Started in the year 1975, Janaksons Group has grown to be one of the leaders in Textile/Garments Machinery, Waste Water Management, and Garment accessories, etc. Today, it caters to a customer base of over 1500 for YKK zippers in India and is looking forward to expanding it into a well-diversified Business House including sectors beyond garments or textiles. It has 11 offices in India, including Gurugram, which is managed by qualified professionals.


The client, Purushottam Jha from Janaksons Group – Gurugram used an SAS/ IBM RAID server to store all the significant data related to his company’s business. The RAID was configured with 3 hard drives, each having a capacity of 300 GB. Therefore, the total capacity of the RAID server was 900 GB, and, the Operating System used was Windows 2012.

The use of RAID 5 server configured with three drives meant that a cost-effective and best solution was used for performance and redundancy. Plus, the parity used in this level was distributed parity for the safe and secure use of data. However, the client faced boot failure on the RAID server and hence could not access any data stored on the server machine. This was the error and challenges faced by Purushottam Jha, our client from the Gurugram branch of Janaksons Group.


Purushottam first contacted the IT administrator of the company to fix the boot failure error that he faced with the RAID 5 server.  He wanted the issue to be resolved as soon as possible. The reason was that none of the relevant data saved as FBK and Tally ERP9 files on C and D drive was accessible.

When Purushottam approached the administrator of the company for RAID recovery task, the administrator understood the significance of the situation and immediately looked into the matter. He then tried to resolve it, however, on analyzing the server, he came to know that it could not be fixed as the available resources were not enough to fix the error.

The client was informed about this to which he became worried. The reason being, he required the data quickly, else his work would hamper considerably. Moreover, the company would have to incur a heavy loss due to unavailability of crucial and confidential data.

It was then that he researched on the web and came across Stellar Data Recovery Gurugram branch and found its location to be apt as it was close to his workplace, and it would be easy for him to approach and get the recovery task done.


Our professionals at Stellar Data Recovery-Gurugram were informed about the RAID 5 failure that had three HDDs configured in it. As per the client, there was a boot failure issue on the server machine. Therefore, the professionals analyzed all the three hard drives. On analysis, they came to know that one of the drives had suffered a physical damage in the head. Due to the physical damage, the drive froze and could no more be accessed.

On trying to access again, it repeated the error. Further, they opened the defective drive in the in-house state-of-the-art Class 100 Clean Room and transplanted a new head on the physically damaged drive. With this, they were able to access the drive.

Going forward, they created an image of all the three drives in the Reverse mode. This was accomplished in a few days. Nonetheless, bad sectors were skipped in creating the image file. Finally, they recovered data from the image file and then shared with the client. The client checked the data and was extremely happy to get back the FBK and Tally ERP9 files with integrity.

“We at Janaksons Group are satisfied with the confidence of the Stellar team that gave a fruitful output. Really, their effort has meant too much to us. We would like to say thanks to the TEAM.”


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