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How Secure Is Your Personal Information On Cloud

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

We often share much of our personal information online. Be it online shopping, online transaction, or anything else, we share key information like your account number, passwords, etc. on a regular basis. However, we are completely unaware of the security of the system or the place where all information is processed and stored. More often, the companies outsource many operations to third-party vendors or a cloud service provider. There are various means using which the security standards for a third-party vendor can be examined. Some of them include validating vendor security posture, performing audit trail, etc. In case of cloud, many steps need to be taken to ensure data safety throughout the lifecycle. You must follow the below-mentioned practices.

  • Understand And Analyze The Network, Storage, And Application Resources.
  • Find How Different Resources Are Controlled.
  • Understand The Security Concerns Between The Data Sets Through Virtualization.
  • Ensure Compliance By Understanding Data Alignment.
  • Irrespective Of The Technology Being Used, Understand How The Data Can Be Stored Safely.
  • Closely Monitor The Duties That Are Clearly Separated.

The organization should be always ready to answer any question from the customers regarding their data. A customer can question anything regarding the security of his/her personal data. Some of them include the following.

  • What Are The Security Standards For Internally Hosted Data Centres?
  • What Are The Security Standards For Your Externally Hosted Data Like Cloud?
  • How Often the Information Accessed?
  • How Security And Data Flow Of Personal Information In Cloud Are Handled By Third-Party Vendors?
  • What Type Validations And Security Controls Are Applied?
  • Is There Any Background Check Of Technology And Security Personnel By A Third-Party Vendor?
  • How Can I Rely On Environment For Security?

Since, most companies rely on their third-party vendors, to provide some additional value to the customer; they must follow strong security mechanisms on a regular basis. The companies should focus more on the sensitive data and business that are managed by the applications. In addition, they should ask questions to their third-party vendors, as the consumer asks questions from them. Some of the questions that need to be asked when selecting or implementing cloud are mentioned below.

  • What Should Be Done To With SLAs To Always Go By The Terms And Conditions And Adhere To Other Rules?
  • How To Measure The Resilience Across A Heterogeneous IT Environment?
  • Is There Any Immediate Rescue Plan In Case Something Goes Wrong?
  • What Are The Additional Security Plans That Can Be Added To Provide More Security?

It is very important to know the partner very well with whom you are doing business. A company should choose a very safe cloud provider. The cloud provider should have a good record of protecting data. In addition, there must be a provision to strictly validate various security postures like internal data centers, external data centers, and cloud service.


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